i wrote this

the best song ever wrote by an amazing artist, named patrick star.
” twinkle twinkle patrick star i have a sandwich my mommy name is fred it tastes like beans and bacon and it smells like it’s been dead,” – wow patrick this is great!-sponge bobs comment on the song i wrote this.

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  • soviet onion

    a. the attempt of spelling “soviet union” but incorrectly spells it “onion” making it a communist vegetable. is that the soviet onion?!…oh wait i meant union.

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    a clown pirate is an absolute joke of a human being my manager eric is such a clown pirate

  • under stater

    a conspiracy theorist who dwells in the “under-state” or the unseen world of conspiracies and other political scandals. the understater makes claims about the government intervening in the people’s lives and also in foreign affairs. i didn’t realize that fred was an under-stater makes sense to me now! the name given to a conspiracy theorist. […]

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