a noun suffix having restricted application in various fields, as in names of diseases (malaria; anemia), place names (italia; romania), names of roman feasts (lupercalia), latin or latinizing plurals (amphibia; insignia; reptilia), and in other loanwords from latin (militia).
occurring in place names albania, columbia
occurring in names of diseases and pathological disorders pneumonia, aphasia
occurring in words denoting condition or quality utopia
occurring in names of botanical genera acacia, poinsettia
occurring in names of zoological cl-sses reptilia
occurring in collective nouns borrowed from latin marginalia, memorabilia, regalia
word origin
suffix forming names of countries, diseases, flowers, from l. and gk. -ia, which forms abstract nouns of fem. gender. in paraphernalia, mammalia, etc. it represents the l. and gk. plural suffix of nouns in -ium or -ion.

-ia 1
disease; pathological or abnormal condition: anoxia.

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