acronym for in and around my mouth. it is used to describe, usually by a female, a very attractive male. a sort of allusion to oral s-x.
omfgaga, mark wahlber is so hot! i want him iaamm.

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  • nice sh*tepipe

    if someone has a nice sh-t- pipe, they have a tidy-as-f-ck hole, in which someone would love to ram their bear c-ck up thomas: jesus christ, she’d get it, she has a nice sh-tepipe me: the f-ck is a sh-t- pipe? thomas: the hole, just the hole

  • n*gg*hood

    all black dominated neighborhood aww sh-t! we in da wrong n-gg-hood. the word just means a neighborhood full of black people. “why are there so many black people in this neighborhood?” “it’s a n-gg-hood”

  • jello clown

    a person who walks as though they are a drunken clown with wobbly legs. sometimes -ssociated with someone who has underdeveloped leg muscles or lacks physical coordination causing an awkward scattery walk. ryan wokeup from a nap and was walking around the room like a jello clown.

  • n*gg* popular

    the quality of being popular to a set group of individuals (a.k.a n-gg-s) that only seem to watch youtube videos and or hip-hop videos. john: out of all the ratchetness i think that april pratt was the worst. joe: shes going to be famous. john: shes not famous yet shes just n-gg- popular.

  • jerbucci

    exclamatory: a feeling of euphoria or elation. like eureka! or booyah! after winning the lottery, warren shouted “jerbucci”!

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