ibch: insert b-tchy comment here
did you have a chance to read what i sent you?
i sure did. i ibch’d all over it.

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  • nime

    a term used to describe someone’s life long goals and aspirations. nime is the meaning of life. being a doctor is my nime. dude, i want to nim your neem so hard with my nimer. that’s nimest! she was a nime out of nime.

  • oh em jeezy

    the ghetto alternative of ‘oh em gee.’ “oh em jeezy tha g-life ain’t easy… bay-bay”

  • sleegan

    a sleegan is a young intoxicated female; who enjoys to be the life of the party and has the trademark of incredible face-expressions in photos ex1: man: hey did you see lucy the other night? woman: yeah, she was definitely pulling a sleegan ex2: the photos from last night’s shindig show a sleegan in fine […]

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  • nit picker

    {fussy} {moaner} {nagger} {h-ssler} a nit picker is someone who picks holes in everything you do

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