a guy may say this to you in refrence to you being annoying or ugly
frnakie said you were an iboy

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  • ibashing

    poking fun at people who have the mistaken belief that owning apple iproducts makes them trendy and tech savvy. “hey glenn whip out your iphone and take a look and this awesome flash website” alas since the ipad and iphone 4 the once n-ble sport of ibashing is becoming far too much like shooting fish […]

  • borievic

    a person of slavic orgin (usually a member of the undercl-ss), recently arrived in the uk, who leeches off the british tax payers, by claiming benefits. he is such a borievic

  • ibreak

    referring to most apple ipods as they break at some point in their existence, usually a few weeks after warranty ends. i need to buy a new ibreak as all of my others have broken

  • the jay wood fist pump

    a simple fist pump used to signify success. after the intubation was complete the jay wood fist pump was used to let everyone know it was successful.

  • yolo death weed

    a large amount of cannabis with a black man hidden underneath protecting it. my friend tyrone tried to get some yolo death weed and he got shot by it’s guardian.

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