a real -ss n-gg- name
d-mn there go ibraaheem, you already know someone getting got.

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  • as*ssenopia

    getting rapped in the -ss while on an adventure. hey councillor i got as-ssenopia while on an adventure.”too bad”

  • democratastrophy

    the 2017 election they talked a big game but didn’t show up to partic-p-te the equivalent of a wet fart a severe wet fart. holy cr-p donald trump was just elected president this years election was a democratastrophy!

  • kelsyn

    a big -ss (literally) hoe. who is a h-m-phobe. @kelsyn.lohr you are a kelsyn you big -ss hoe

  • swannet

    she is an amazing friend and very wild sometimes and can be shy in front of a crowd most swannet’s like different shades of blue. they are very outgoing and creative sometimes a little to shy though. they are very loyal tough and love to talk about relationship drama. they are always a person you […]

  • slump god

    a male that gets a a lot of p-ssy hey look at donovan that guys is a slump god.

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