a male that partakes in male only masturbations sessions, often in groups of 20 plus.
i am off down to the club to meet all the over iburnages, because i am also an iburnage and we all have fun together

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    when one lays a brown egg in their pantaloons having basked in the pleasing pressure of an impending bowel movement too long. stephen is known to wear three pairs of undergarments because icarus flew too high while he was grunting and groaning at work.

  • idaho diamond

    when a p-n-s becomes abnormally hard. this only occurs when a man is so turned on that he cannot think straight and becomes light headed. it is usually at the climax of an -rg-sm. it begins with light grunting but eventually leads to loud and sharp screams. an idaho diamond also has the potential to […]

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  • igmog

    annacronym for the phrase “i got my own gig” curt refusal when asked to do someone else’s job! when some one asks you to polish their symbols..a good reply would be “igmog dude”

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