i’m breaking up with you
sorry,but ibuwy

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  • Creampied Piper

    a s-xual act/act of disrespect where one -j-c-l-t-s into an instrument (typically br-ss or woodwind), then blows said -j-c-l-t- into the face of an unsuspecting listener. “the band director is really p-ssing me off today.” “let’s give that motherf-cker a creampied piper. that’ll teach him.”

  • Lellie

    the worst kind of person. almost always overly s-xual in situations they shouldn’t be. “lellie put your top back on, i don’t want to see your b–bs!”

  • Perpatrator

    perpatrator a person or alien hybrid that is usually up to no good in the community. perpatrators keep it real with other perpatrators. they usually commit crimes (they call it “purping”) in the darkest hours of the night and never get seen. they make mad stacks and hustle hard day&night. perpatrators; perp ; peprping ; […]

  • beaver house

    an alternative word for “d-mn” well beaver house bells, that sucks.

  • Salt the slug

    to rub one’s d-ck in salt so as not to infect it upon entry into a yeast-infected tw-t. dude, i heard there’s a loaf of bread baking in that oven, you gotta salt the slug before you dive in.

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