big fat -ss i mean like omg come on now!!! that sh-t jiggles and pops and hardens everybody’s c-ck! oh man gahd-mn! probably the chillest person ever and doesn’t trip over c-ckamamee bullsh-t. so not a terrorist and she loves her friends!!!!!!!! she makes nashville proud!!!!!!!!!!
me: omg i wanna f-ck the sh-t out of that celebrity! icesis help me get her number
icesis: bet my n___a!

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    noun; when one is to jerk of in the sun and leaves the s-m-n dribbled on ones p-n-s. one would then proceed to sunbathe, allowing the s-m-n to shrivel and dry. the crispy flaky results are known as crunchy love flakes one can then go on to eat the flakes if one so desires. “dude […]

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