a fat c-nt that owns opcraft
you’re such a iceytv

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  • lay scratch

    to leave tire marks behind from peeling out. i’ve got a b-tchin’ camaro that can lay scratch from here to taco bell.

  • talking sporty

    to speak in a hype manner usually about something or someone that has you upset. man , i heard earl was down there at the stow talking sporty ! boy had yo name all in his mouth. say brah, come at me again talkin sporty and we gon be throwing some knuckles!

  • mcsignals

    when someone wants to take you out … at mcdonalds “hey, did jerry take you on a date last night?” “i’m not sure. he gave me mcsignals.” “f-cking jerry.”

  • maddin

    ugly af, artsy, blue eyes, is his age but has the mind of a 7 year old, dope, chill, annoying at times, has a very unique style person 1: “bro who’s that new dude? he looks pretty ugly but lit at the same time” person 2: “well duh, look at him! that’s a maddin.

  • bballer

    b-tch baller aka bobby #bobby #r-t-rd #dontbe #bballer

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