inappropriate comment intended
i gotta go do homework so i can finish, ici.
the sterotypical overcompet-tive asian male, often the product of mcps’s propaganda. such a specimen can be identified through several means

1. poser clothes, clothes that pathetically attempt to display thug attribute while at the same time fails horribly

2. pedophilic tendencies, will often attempt to date and s-xually involve women at least 3 years younger

3. excessive use of the phrase “dude” and “gay”, often in such sequential order within the structure of a sentence.

4. overambitious desire, various attempts will be made to attain every single position possible within extracurricular and in school activities, often while unable to deliver to the position’s responsibilities.
1.guy #1:yo ici what with the nautica sweatshirt and the blue coudoroys?
ici: dude this is some good sh-t

2. guy #1: hey ici is your new girlfriend a freshman?
ici: yeah dude
guy #1: in college?
ici: no dude, highschool

3.guy #1: ici, adler’s not gonna round up your 76 to an a
ici: dude, that’s some gay sh-t. . .

4. guys #1: ici, you already have a position within the club, you can’t run for another one
ici: dude, what the f-ck? i need to go to college. that’s why i took the sats 10 times…dude, i need to go jack off now . . .
i cry inside. (antonym to lol!)
i read the fb post; ici.
mean the opposite of over there
je suis ici et non là-bas
the truer alternative to “lol,” meaning “i’m chuckling inside”
you’re not really laughing out loud, you liar ici.

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