icky thump

“the white stripes announced the completion of icky thump on february 28, 2007. the t-tle is derived from “ecky-thump”, a lancashire colloquial response of surprise, popularized by an episode of the 1970s uk comedy series the goodies. on later with jools holland (broadcast june 1, 2007) jack attributed the alb-m’s name to its use as an exclamation by his wife, who is from lancashire. he added that the deliberate misspelling was to make it easier for an american audience to identify with.5 the liner notes for icky thump also suggest the spelling variation was due to concerns over copyright infringement.” from an entry at a well-known online encyclopedia.
“icky thump! that’s a lot of noise for a band with no b-ss player!”
a variation of the mushroom stamp (slap), where one’s p-n-s is covered with s-m-n and/or residue left over from a good -n-l s-x session. the icky is the s-m-n and/or residue, the thump is the sound of the stamping (slapping) p-n-s.
sally was a little agitated after i gave her the ol’ icky thump, but after another go at things and a shower she piped down.
a term used to describe radicalness,something extremely hardcore.
that dude did the most icky thump trick on his snowboard.
the feeling that things are right in the world; when everything sort of adds up and makes sense, and serenity and/or bliss sets in.
that party last night was icky thump.

the beach always instills so much icky thump.
song by the white stripes off the alb-m “icky thump” with one of the worst drum parts to ever be recorded for such a popular alb-m. fans of meg white will argue that her style is minimal and simplistic for a reason, but if you listen to this song you’ll see there is no technical reasoning behind the suck–ss playing.meg just cant play.
“this song icky thump is kinda catchy but those drums suck”
“oh yeah thats cuz meg white cant play drums for sh-t”
a game, much like ookie cookie, where a group of guys stands around and jerks off into someone’s hand. the person who c-ms last, the loser, is slapped with the hand full of s-m-n.
we were at this frat party, looking for beer, and i walked into a room to see gene and his frat brothers playing icky thump.

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