to be the biggest f-cking icon ever.
i tried stealing his girl but he’s got a iconical d-ck she ain’t leaving.

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  • lady kn*b

    the underbelly cooter-scooter of a female being. i asked emily if i could eat her lady kn-b and she said no.

  • memoriaa

    a musical records collection found in the memory and flows out your head, heart and soul like diarrhea. when i can’t stop pop poppin random beautiful memories spun into ideas and words that are amazing. usually memoriaa comes on strong when my senses are lit! i need some paper, a bowl, that fire…and a pen….please…

  • anyasheep

    an amazing person who is cool and radical anyasheep is awesome

  • shizzalnotts

    anything that happens to be bullsh-t i got an “f” on my report card, what the “shizzalnotts”.~the fact the you an “f” on your report card shows that it is complete bullsh-t.

  • vikaasian duality

    a deconstruction of the cartesian duality (mind/body) into a duality of design and illusion. the vikaasian duality would imply that design is an illusion collapsing the cartesian duality itself

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