8=====d ~ 8-d
you think that’s special? well ic-mdix!

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  • ict course

    a marriage between two teachers i was on an ict course the other day 😉

  • mowst

    a word that can be used to replace any word before a description. the word is pr-nounced mow-st. (can also replace the word most in a sentence” i saw the mowst big person when i was walking to the mowst insane party ever. it was the mowst fun!

  • fieja

    an extremely s-xy person; for example someone who has amazing hair and a beautiful smile yet they can defend themselves physically and harshly if needed. someone that can throw punches like bowling b-lls to the stomach. he cheated on her but she’s such a fieja, no one can mess with her !

  • fidgetation

    an instance of fidgeting. something to do when you don’t know what to do, and then you start to wonder when it started. “i don’t know what else to do… now you’re going to be subject to fidgetation on monday..!!” said julie to wesley. “wow.. this is like.. fidgetation.” “i know right..!! when did this […]

  • schmiee

    “schmiee” (american) n. 1970’s schmiee is a term for marijuanic herb. it is based on reversing the sounds of “smoke the reefer” to “roak the schmieffer” or “schmiee for short. see also “roak” “hey man, let’s roak the schmiee.” “hey baby, do roak the schmiee?” she asked blithely.

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