I’d Griff that

i’d would f-ck that
rob:yo luis you see mariah

luis:ya why
rob: i’d griff that

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  • smyn

    a acronym meaning “show me your nudes” popular in the vocabulary of f-ckbois. -hey can you show me your math homework? “ayy gurl can you smyn?” -don’t talk to me again.

  • salty switcharoo

    when you are about to have s-x with a really hot girl, so you pull down her pants and see a giant, erect d-ck. dude we got back from the bar and were about to get it on but then it turned into a salty switcharoo

  • pickled egg

    1. a hard boiled egg cured in vinegar or brine. 2. a solid, or semi-solid t-rd still in the colon that is surrounded by or floating in wet, loose stool. when evacuated from the bowel, a pickled egg is preceded and followed by explosive, wet shat. i just heard what sounded like water pouring out […]

  • common girl

    a regular girl. / a simple girl. for example,: the girl i like is just a common girl.

  • bow bow

    to hit someone with a two punch combination. they squared up and joe hit him, bow bow, and dropped his -ss

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