abbreviation for “i don’t even get”
“what is this test about?” “ideg why we have to take it!”

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  • Idle-Rich

    1. having old money 2. being rich without working. teenager: i’m so rich lol adult: idle-rich…

  • i don't fucking know

    an angry expression of ignorance generally used in response to a specific inquiry. – how do you think the cat got up there? – i don’t f-cking know!

  • ifog

    an alternative to lol. means “in fits of giggles”. lol has confused the older generation for long enough. many of them believe it means “lots of love”, leading to hurt feelings and embarr-ssment (for example, “i hope you’re feeling better lol”). ifog is a pensioner friendly alternative that everyone can enjoy. ifog. i’m not really […]

  • i have killed them all

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  • i ♥ hello kitty

    song that sounds innocent, but is everything else you should hear it btw scene girl: have you heard that i ♥ h-llo kitty song by botdf? fangirl: no, but sounds kawaii

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