acronym for: i don’t even godd-mn f-cking know.
idegdfk b-tch leave me alone

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  • f*ck slugs

    when slugs disrupt your comfortable middle-cl-ss life and f-ck up your kitchen and fresh produce like the little sh-ts they are. nina: we had a slug infestation in my f-cking kitchen. it was horrible, i died inside. i lost a part of me. and now i’m vehemently against slugs. f-ck slugs.

  • dayonnie

    dayonnie is a beautiful person loving and caring. she always has a smile on her face. nothing can stop her. all the guys love her.she knows she beautiful. someone: i hate you or you look ugly dayonnie: ha; thats what you think.. im beautiful .

  • trolling for tacos

    when a female(s) are out on the town looking for female(s)s-xual partner. my girlfriends and i are going out tonight “trolling for tacos”.

  • vajacation

    congratulating with veggies on a vacation. “now they always say vajacation.”

  • snakearms

    snakes for arms i’m not like other girls, i have snakearms.

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