excessive use of pc pr-nouns and or identifiers for the sake of decorating ones personality.
that trans bi multinational feminist individual was identifly.

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  • bottle of smiles

    a bottle of alcoholic beverage. “i’m starting this weekend off with a ‘bottle of smiles’ and a liter of pepsi!”

  • cooch savior

    (noun) a t-tle bestowed upon a person with a tongue trained in the art of orally making sweet love to a v-g-n-. otherwise known as a cunnilinguist. i’ve never met a cooch savior like you, james.

  • bromina

    n. a t-tle for a woman who has a bromance type relationship with a man. completely platonic. #friendzone “dude, let’s get wasted on cheetos… your a total bromina!”

  • b*mblesn*tch

    a v-g-n- that spreads sti’s like a b-mblebee spreads pollen. that girl aint nothing but a b-mblesn-tch.

  • neck on him like a jockeys b*ll*cks

    someone who is prepared to take risks to gain a substantial prize “yer man there. he has a neck on him like a jockey’s b-ll-cks.”

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