m-ss usage of a single type of design or structure.
kid 1: “all the enemies in the sucky dynasty warriors games are so identikit.”

kid 2: “there not as identikit as the houses in my street.”

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  • ident*ty su*cide

    when one procedes to start a new life with a new name, but where one’s self stays in the same place with people they still know. most of the time, the subject will ask everyone to use this new name and life status. exp1: “i’m officially becoming a new person and committing ident-ty suicide!”

  • idiork

    it is a combination of “idiot” and “dork” if u couldnt tell. someone who has brain smarts (and/or street smarts)but refrains on using them for entertaining purposes. this person can be a cl-ss clown, or could be just very slow-minded. jack: “i love computers these days. they are better than sliced bread!!” penny: “jack, you […]

  • idiotch

    one who is an idiot and b—- at the same time. she is being an idiotch rite now..

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  • i formation monster

    a play in doubles tennis in which the net player of the serving team stands at the center of the court, signalling behind his back which way he is going when the server serves. done to confuse opponents, often used by the bryan brothers. returner1: sh-t!!! which way is the net player going? returner2: i […]

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