i don’t f-ck with hoe -ss b-tches
mandy i told you “idfwhab”

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  • petko

    russian pet his name is petko he must be a russian pet

  • hoetrip

    the term coined by youtubes blackmanosphere. a hoetrip is a group of promiscuous women traveling to different location. these women usually travel 2-5 times a year, funded by some simp back home. females love taking hoetrips.

  • fellow african american

    a formal use of my n-gg- barack obama “h-llo my fellow african americans”

  • sybonae

    a very flirty thot that can’t keep a secret for more than an hour. did you see sybonae got with another guy.

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    after s-xual intercourse wait for partner to leave the room. once they have left the room wipe your -rs- on the bed sheet put it over your head and run around as a ghost. i went to her house last night , afterwards i did a dirty casper

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