i don’t give a f-ck with you
you can do all you want i don’t care, idgfwu

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  • psyduckmc

    everyone’s favorite ducky c: jjl: have you seen psyduckmc today? country: yeah he’s such a cute ducky c:

  • yuhan

    an anime addict that have a weird fettish for b–bs and human-animal hybrids. a useless loner that live in a bas-m-nt wasting his live god, you are such a yuhan. go kill a gabong smart guy yuhan

  • c*ssidy musco

    neigh neigh neigh c-ssidy musco neigh musco neigh c-ssidy

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    what you say when you have been diagnosed with downtism. sometimes you use it in a sentence going “doi doi doi esquigi doi doi”. that’ll convince people of downtism. you can refer to anything or anyone as an esquigi. wow would you look at that esquigi over there! doi diddly doi!

  • da dough

    rapper from flint, michigan. made songs such as “fly”, “worth it”, “real talk” and “god”, maury: da dough… in the case of jesus christ…. you are the father! *mary screams in his face*

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