someone who is ignorant. doesn’t know what is right in front of them.
that guy who couldn’t make up his mind about lina is an idiot.

lina is awesome, anyone who thinks otherwise must be an idiot.

just wow…

anyone who defines their own name on urban dictionary
what the sh-t? that kid is a f-ck-ng idiot.
a foolish or stupid person.
matt is the village idiot
synonym for someone who believes usa to be the only nation equipped with the internet.
1. idiot
synonym for our nations current president
george w. bush is a complete idiot.
source: reed, feb 9, 2003
intelligence quotient scale:

moron = 50-69

imbecile = 30-49

idiot = 29 & below
i would never call you a moron, or even an imbecile for that matter. that wouldn’t be right! i know you are an idiot.
doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
ralph is an idiot.
anyone who belongs to and/or elects to join a village comprising of idiots
do we really need an example? :p
an epithet that describes anyone but you.
it is a statistical certainty that there is someone out there in the planet who considers you an idiot. that person doesn’t matter, of course — he’s an idiot.

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