a room full of idiots
“lets get out of this iditorium,i can’t stand it anymore”

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  • dishaunter

    when you dishonor and haunt someone putting them in a place of great distress “man, you brought great dishaunter to your family”

  • proofst*tute

    someone who always needs proof. billy is a proofst-tute and a dispatcher. dispatcher: 911 what’s your emergency? citizen: there’s a serial killer in my room! send help! dispatcher: do you have proof? dispatcher: h-llo?

  • breniyah

    the girl who always lights up a room. who always has a weird smirk on their face. the most loving person beside a tiffany. you’re very lucky if you have a breniyah in your life. breniyahs are sometimes antisocial so if they are not really interacting that mean they don’t want to be social at […]

  • 30 second brownie

    an unexpected sh-t in your pant. oh sh-t, man. i just made a 30-second brownie.

  • alsmartgic

    to have an allergy to smartness dude, i have an alsmartgic. dont act smart round’ me. or… alsmartgic is common around bullies

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