online acronym for “i don’t know what to tell you”
you: my fingers are too small.
me: idkw2tu

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  • i'd stick it in her b*tt

    what you say when a really hot chick walks by and you get a b-n-r so hard it hurts. johnny-“d-mn dude look at her!” bob-“i know i’d stick it in her b-tt!”

  • ifluxy

    ifluxy (a.k.a. mackay) is a well known halo 3 player. recognized for the phurion and fluxy halo 3 dual tage. ifluxy is his only gamer tag. “i just got raped by ifluxy!” “i just got my sh-t pushed in by ifluxy and now my balloon knot hurts!”

  • if you ever

    phrase used as a response to something that you don’t want said or done shortened from “if you ever say that embarr-ssing statement in front of people” or “if you ever dance like that in public” person 1: “hey remember the time when you ripped your pants trying to touch your toes at the gym” […]

  • igcse

    international general certificate of secondary education “i am taking a course in eboniks in igcse”

  • i got 3 stacks

    to have 3 grand or $3,000.00 in your pockets or money pouch like the big dawgs who step their game up. will: i got 3 stacks in my pocket. hector: no you don’t cuz. will: a’ight bet (takes out $3,000.00) hector:oh sh-t u a big dawg now! will: you gotta step your game up son-son.

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