long hair on the -n-l opening of the person sitting next to you. beware it may eat you. shhh. dont get engulfedddd!!!
lamen idooski

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  • insecuriousity

    one who is rather insecure with themself and tends to asks many questions about them self to others, thus making them a curious person. “why do you keep asking me how hot you are every two mintues? you’re insecuriousity is showing again.”

  • Insaine

    mispr-nunciation of the word ‘insane’. the ‘ai’ part is pr-nounced as ‘i’. goes well with ‘faice’. – your faice is insaine – my faice is insaine – you’re insaine in the faice


    “i’m laughing but not out loud” just like wen someone says lol its just ur not laughing out loud you use “ilbnol”

  • Illegal Mike

    any person by the name of mike that enjoys anything of the sorts that have to do with breaking the law. illegal mike loves to sell contraband, have s-x with underage girls, litter while driving down the road at a high rate of speed, and shoot his pistol off like he just don’t care.

  • I'll Think about it

    a term the ladys find to avoid an issue at hand, usually implying no. similar to the women’s vocabulary ofpeople change and does this make my b-tt look big fbmp: wanna go with me? rc: i’ll think about it a way of saying ‘no’ without disappointing the person you’re talking to.this phrase is used mostly […]

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