in islamic tradition, idrees, or idris is a prophet who lived after adam and before noah. he is equivalent to enoch and is credited with inventing writing and science.
rakim is like the idrees of hip hop.
a s-xy beast that everyone wants.
omg, did yu see the -ss on that idrees?
i’ll give you one thing: you’ve got b-lls – big ones. they may be mine, and bouncing off your chin, but you’ve still got them.
oh idrees has b-lls i never knew that…?
he’s so ugly he went into a haunted house and came out with a job aplication.
idrees always fails in life and can never get a good job anywhere, i.e. he’s a d-ck sucker.
your idea of fighting involves stealing the nearest pair of specs and shouting “not the face! not the face!” whilst adopting the fetal position.
you are a coward and a white peice of sh-t
idrees is so stupid, he’s still in the shower washing his hair
he’s so stupid he didn’t get that joke… rinse, lather, repeat
white people named idrees usually turn out to be dumb-ss wigers!!!
you’re not even worthy of being called chicken-sh-t, you sloppy piece of newly hatched chicklet diarrhea.
i sh-t you out into the toilet every morning.

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