a mock government on ifunny that partic-p-nts taker very seriously. outsiders call them virgins or g-y.
hey did you vote carter for ielections president?

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  • humildo

    human d-ld-. yeah that guy who just walked into the bar? he’s my humildo.

  • lopsided p*ssy

    when you f-ckin’ and you feel a breeze comin’ on the left or right side of your d-ck. “it felt like hurricane in that lopsided p-ssy”

  • envire

    another way to describe trust in some one or known as an amazing call of duty sniper. please sub to envire or the tragic. byee i envire you it’s ok. or envire is the best sniper.

  • f*g*ssmitch

    to enjoy the company of men’s b-ttholes, and their d-cks in ones own b-tthole. that guy loves sucking them d-cks, he’s totally a f-g-ssmitch.

  • bwhc

    big white hard c-ck sara told me he had a bwhc.

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