iflad is an almost-universal internet term that stands for “i feel like a d-ckhead.”
we’ve all been there, so this feeling had to be abbreviated, and so it is.

iflad could be used in any situation that you feel like a d-ckhead, and can be shortened to flad only during the weekdays, as weekends are sensitive to the iflad term.
this term is copywrited, although you should flad for even thinking of stealing the term.

if you do ever feel like a d-ckhead, iflad organizes self-help meetings where you can contemplate your life and think about all your iflad moments.
“bro, im totally high on this weed you gave me”..”idiot, that was a box of twizzlers.”..”iflad”
-where iflad could be said by, or towards the twizzler-smoking d-ckhead.

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