1. (verb) the act of suckering someone into buying any sh-tty product for superficial/pretentious/trendy reasons, especially any apple product

2. (noun) concern for superficial/pretentious/trendy things, especially apple products

3. (adjective/adverb) superficial/pretentious/trendy
1. that best buy salesman if-cked me by telling me there’s a wide variety of good games for this mac i just purchased.

2. leave me alone mr. salesman, i don’t give an if-ck!

3. that ipod of yours is if-cking sh-tty!

4. don’t if-ck me with your if-cking if-ck, that’s just if-cked up!
s-xual interaction through a non-tactile medium. either using ims, webcams, or phones.
apparently over 85% of canadian college students have if-cked. i guess they’re too lazy or comfortable to subject themselves to the wicked cold that is the canadian outdoors.
the art of selling something, particularly an apple product that may be faulty, damaged or otherwise knackered on a medium such as ebay for an inflated price – sometimes with an inaccurate or ambiguous description – knowing that some sucker is going to pay through the nose for it believing to have a good deal on a supposedly cool accessory.
i got if-cked when i bought an ipod for $50, not knowing it had a smashed screen.
the latest product from apple. it allows you to virtually make love to a significant other through ichat. comes complete with -rg-smic sounds and features. and romantic mood settings.
shawty got if-cked last night by that n-gg-.
a word most likely originating from issues having to do with mac/apple hardware/software. but due to the flexibility of the word f-ck, it now encomp-sses many different meanings. the ‘i’ prefix itself now represents anything to do with communications over the internet. if-ck(s)/(d)/(r) can be used as a verb, an adjective, a noun, so on. see also itard or if-g
you dumb if-ck!

not another ddos, i’m so if-ckd!

dude, this hot chick i’m chattin’ with wants to if-ck me =]
sweet, just don’t fap on your keyboard bro
to use any product from apple that starts with “i” as a d-ld-.
i if-cked my girlfriend with my new iphone last night
perfoming the act of fornication while listening to music from one’s ipod, itouch, iphone, or any other apple product. generally occurs in an unexpected s-xual situation.
er, h-ll yeah, i’m up for a quickie. i’m really jammin’ right now, though, so it’ll have to be an if-ck.

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