ifuh = i’ll f— you hard
person 1: i’m so h-rny
person 2: ifuh
person 1: oh ya babe

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  • i got my d*ck s*cked.

    a phrase used to describe the process of having a generally good time. “i went to a party and the girls liked what i was doing. i got my d-ck sucked.”

  • igrp

    interior gateway routing protocol. a popular cl-ssful cisco-propriatory routing protocol. a good alternative to rip. router igrp 100 (example of the command used at a cisco ios prompt)

  • sh*ttext

    sh-ttext is when you text your friends, co-workers, roomates, family members or any random number to inform them that you are sh-tting. roomate 1 (in bathroom): send message- sh-ttext roomate 2 (in living room): recieve message- sh-ttext

  • i have b*n*r

    “i have b-n-r,” is a wonderful ice breaker with really hot chicks. usually results in fairly quick hot monkey s-x. “i have b-n-r,” louie said to the unbelievably gorgeous hot chick standing next to him at the bar. “my place is just around the corner,” replied the stunner, “let’s go boink our brains out.”

  • i just made this up

    said by 90% of contributors to urban dictionary after submitting their description of peculiar s-xual acts that only exist in their own imagination, as the definition of some concocted word or phrase, which they just made up. the definition of diddly-doodly-doo is when you are having s-x with a giant pile of spinach while playing […]

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