-sshole, or someone who does random stuff for no appearant reason. but mainly an -sshole.
“you used to be cool, iga. now, you’re an igatona.”

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  • iggie

    1. ignorant. 2. on yahoo!, ‘ignored’ 1. my friends are iggie b-tches. 2. person 1: wanna f-ck? person 2: just iggie him. iggie is a shortened form of the name igraine. igraine was the mother of king arthur according to arthurian legend. iggie is one cool chick! one how contracts monkeypox by having s-xual intercourse […]

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    abject despicable groveling a person so incompetent and excessivley stupid, that they are unworthy to be a part of society and should be cast out of the sight (and more importantly hearing range) of all other human beings. they are more commonly known as cretins, who excel at using thousands upon thousands of words to […]

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    the state of mind when you hit a girl the b-tch kept trippin sp i went ikemode on her -ss

  • i know you are, you said you are, so what am i?

    blatantly useless retort which younger primary school students use. playground bully: ha ha! ernie’s cr-p! ernie: i know you are, you said you are, so what am i? playground bully: i just said that you were cr-p, though! ernie: i know you are, you said you are, so what am i?

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