when you take a picture of a random person then put it on instagram and wait until that person finds out
yo dudeboy_03 totally ignapeeked me last week

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  • phoney art lover

    a person that visits an art gallery and takes a photo of the art on their phone to view the artwork at a more convenient time. “that tw-t has just taken a phot of that artwork even though they’re standing right next to it, f-cking phoney art lover!”

  • spedtastic

    something that is so r-t-rded that it is fantastic at the same time person 1: “did he just fill a condom with lighter fluid and smack his wife with it?” person 2: “i think so” person 1: “well, isn’t that spedtastic”

  • dylln

    a dylln is a huge nerd and loser. as the name is spelt weird, it suggests that dyllns could have relationship problems and struggle to find love throughout their entire life. dyllns tend to love art and music, and have a knack for it, but this is their only redeeming factor. when it comes to […]

  • hanco main

    idiot who cant spell hanzo right and mains him lol look at that hanco main

  • raid the roach motel

    to combine several weed roaches to make a full blunt/ joint. my weedman was late, so i had to raid the roach motel.

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