an internet gangster. a person who talks real wreckless over social media.
“jamal just tweeted ‘he gonna whoop your -ss when he sees you’ for the fourth time. hes definitely an igoon.

“jamal is igoonin too much. hes talking smack over social media again.”

“you an internet gangsta. go download the app; igoons”

“it’s a rack of igoons on facebook and twitter.”
1. most often people in the “nerd/dork” demographic that seem to think they have transitioned from “nerd” directly to white collar crime status with either the purchase of m-ssive amounts of tech. product, or simply gotten accepted to a notable (and usually purchased) tenure at a modern tech. school. can be seen in areas of technology employment as well and is demonstrated in the att-tude of thinking they are going to be the next big tech. star, media hack. most defined with the repeated, template like renditions of film industry depictions concerning organized crime, though usually done so draped with words they memorized that morning.

2. obvious victims of fashion and modern advertising.
it was all i could do to refrain from smashing the igoon and his listening device as his crackhead trinity worship continued to spill over into everyone else’s life within the confined area common with public transit.

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