a goth-themed night at sky bar in bowling green, oh. igun stands for “industrial goth underground night”. it used to be really awesome and a good place to meet fellow goths, but now it’s an ego-run drama dive that’s unofficially ruled by the gothfather.
“i went to uptown because people were tryin’ to start sh-t at igun”
i-gun. highly complex, computerized, component system firearm consisting of a variety of combinations of interchangeable microprocessors, firing mechanisms, barrels and grips/stocks to facilitate a wide range of uses (ie: self-defense, target practice, law enforcement, criminal activity, hunting, etc.). available in a variety of stylish colors. over 36,000 software apps available online via shareware to aid in suitability for almost unlimited uses. will not support windows “firearm 7.0”
my robert blake software crashed so i just downloaded the phil spector app to my i-gun and my girlfriend is coming over for dinner later.

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