d-mn, crazy, ill, insane, sick
iiiiiiiiiiiii you got pwnded on.

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    when discussing indians there is often confusion about who you’re talking about, native americans or people from india. to clarify the matter you can ask, “dot or feather?” the feather refering to native americans or dot, referring to the red dot worn by indian women. judy said, “i was downtown and a large group of […]

  • innuendus

    if something is innuendo-ish. in other words, if something is an innuendo, or sounds like an innuendo. lizzie: put it in there, now! penny: oh, lizzie, that’s incredibly innuendus 😉 lizzie: -rolls eyes-

  • Invisible Guitar

    sort of like air guitar, but with a lolcat influence (i.e. invisible bike, etc.) featured on youtube, and is now on shirts. which you know you want to buy. dude, holy sh-t, that cat’s air guitarring. look at the picture. no, jack-ss, that’s a f-cking invisible guitar.

  • idfgi

    acronym for i don’t f-ing get it. used on lj when someone posts something that doesn’t make sense. user 1:> my cat fire grape purple. user 2:> what are you talking about? idfgi.

  • Prothro

    being a pro at everything, especially in the art of throwing objects. prothros are usually rare to find. they are smart and s-xy by nature. girls are all over them and they last long in bed. jim: “i suck at throwing” chris: “i don’t have to worry about sucking. i’m a prothro” 1 more definition […]

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