it’s just a fact.

ijaf is the new iawtc.
“you’ll c-m 110 times harder with my c-ck in your -ss. ijaf.”
an acronym of “it’s just a fact”, the unanimously-agreed highlight in a graphic email that lead singer of boyband lfo, rich cronin, wrote after a single date with a girl on mysp-ce. highly popularized in a livejournal community.
“ijaf is the new iawtc bb!”
it’s just a fact
used in rich cronin’s s-xually explicit email
paris hilton is a moron, ijaf
“it’s just a fact” made famous by celebrity gossip blog oh no they didn’t.

through a mysp-ce message, rich cronin (idk? my bff jill) told his one time fling that he would make her “c-m 110 times harder with his (man bits) in her (-rs-). it’s just a fact.” in turn, ontd decided to mock him for the rest of eternity and “ijaf” was born.
rich cronin, reads oh no they didn’t to find sell outs. ijaf!
it’s just a fact

accompanies a statement made, see examples.
he’s gay. ijaf.

jessica simpson is ugly, ijaf.
contraction of the statement “its just a fish”. this statement was used in the movie “white squall” when one of the characters had speared a dolphin; and when questioned as to why he engaged in this act, mentioned “its just a fish!!!!” to partially -ssuage his guilt by making the dolphin less than a mammal- a cold blooding feelingless fish.
dude, that girl left you man. oh well she’s an ijaf, you don’t need her anyhow.

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