i just want a girlfriend!
d-mn bro ijwag

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  • feel for the steel

    when an injection drug user overuses the needle. for example, someone with the disorder will keep injecting themselves long after the drug is gone or inject substances that would normally done another way. some users might start injecting alcohol or whatever just get the needle rush. some believe that this is a process addiction were […]

  • greenaphile

    someone that likes green things for example the forest, the gr-ss or just the colour green. it makes a person feel calm and happy when they see the colour green. i believe i am a greenaphile

  • dunced

    made a stupid mistake/f-cked up/made a fool of. -dookam101 me: i just bought a £20 lottery scratch card and didn’t win anything. i just dunced myself!

  • flay a fish

    typically used by a sportsman who doesn’t enunciate to describe the process of filleting a fish. “fillet,” from the french word filet /filɛ/ meaning a strip or thread, is the flesh of a fish which has been cut or sliced away from the bone by cutting lengthwise along one side of the fish parallel to […]

  • russian hot taco

    when a group of guys j-zz in an -n-s and fart all that j-zz into a v-g-n- to get her impregnated with one of those guys s-m-n. she must of played russian hot taco if she doesn’t know who the baby daddy is….sl-t

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