i just wanna lick ya nuts.
wyd? ijwlyn

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  • sloopfest

    sloopfest. when after a night of drinking, you visit a public restroom, leaving your friends at the table, thinking you will only be a few minutes, however taking a long messy journey down a watery slippery p–p trail….not able to leave cause the tap won’t shut off. dude …you were in there forever ….what a […]

  • oodekadary

    (oo-deka-dairy) a donation intended not to be helpful, a very cheap and ineffective donation. guy 1:” i donated three cents to that fundraiser” guy 2:” you’re such a oodekadary, and that cheap donation won’t help anyone.”

  • khadro

    an outgoing and abnormally strong girl. lovable and always smiling, and she is always good to hang around. also her curves are phenomenal. “that babe is a total khadro.”

  • zamzoid

    it has a few meanings along the same lines,such as..dried up/overcooked or rotten. “your tea is ready al,…if you don’t come in soon it will have gone zamzoid”.

  • hardbodybrain

    lil d-cky’s brain, shown in pillow talking. lil d-cky “hardbodybrain is a better rapper than lil d-cky himself”

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