i just want u to beat my p-ssy up
what do you want me to do


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  • seafoon

    someone who ditchs people a lot don’t be his friend, he’s a seafoon

  • madonna cagna

    this expression is used in italy when something hurts a lot. it’s an insult to a divinity, more exactly to mary, the mom of jesus, comparing it to a dog. similar to “madonna puttana” or “madonna bocchinara”. it isn’t suggested to say this to someone that believe in christ. less used than “porca madonna” but […]

  • katherine josephine

    b-tchhhhh! don’t be such a katherine josephine! rudee

  • hoe chuck

    when a teammate on a basketball team throughs up bad shots. they do this in order to add points to their stat sheet and if they miss, they will typically blame the team. emmett half court shot with 10 minutes left was a hoe chuck.

  • hot quinn

    when a man and woman are spooning and the man seperates the top cheek from the bottom to straddle his thigh, and then he woman proceeds to fart on his thigh. babe, will you hot quinn me tonight ?

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