a lightskin big meat -ss n-gg-. can dress has shoegame and gets all the b-tches.
ohh mann gah d-mnnn!!! bow that right there is what i call an ikem

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  • accl*torated

    adverb. an exhausted and incurious state of his mind and behavior against some particular woman, caused by a an excessively long period of being held within her friend zone. – yeah! i spoke to jack recently. and i believe he doesn’t have anybody on his mind anymore to come to my wedding with… – that’s […]

  • chapoy

    ugliest motherf-cker around. is never gonna make it in life. n-body loves him beside that one special person who won’t give up on him. chapoy is an ugly -ss guy

  • what a b*n*r

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  • looka text

    a text sent through imessage that exceeds the 18,996 max character limit, thus causing an arrow to appear which expands the message into a text reader rather than imessage. this crazy b-tch is blowing up my phone. she won’t stop sending me looka texts. it’s like reading a novel.

  • spanky scurgler

    someone who sips sp-nk through a straw hey spanky scurgler how’s it going mate

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