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can you define it?

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  • chain ordering

    when you’re at a bar and you order one drink at a time, making the bartender make each drink every time, and even if you want two of the same thing, you’ll make the bartender make it twice separately, because you’re a piece of sh-t. that guy is chain ordering hard. what a piece of […]

  • mariwanto

    wanting to smoke marijuana before doing an activity/wanting to do something while stoned steve: yo, do you mariwanto go to see starwars at the cinema tonight? bob: h-ll yeah!!

  • kaiou

    p-n-s lover what a sl-t and kaiou.

  • spongebob standard

    the spongebob standard is as follows: if a new nick cartoon comes out and it isn’t a smash hit, nickelodeon will just ignore it, never give it reruns, never promote it, move the premier dates around and dump the last few episodes on their much less popular channel nicktoons network while they replace it with […]

  • c*nty parrot

    a person who is such a c-nt and repeats everything you say … or a person who squawks what what what when they don’t hear what is repeatedly said to them omg she is such a c-nty parrot , or i cannot stand that c-nty parrot

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