i know you are but what am i
him: you a hoe
me: ikyrbwam

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  • french f*cked

    the act of giving in to something regardless of it being regrettable, such as pity s-x, after the stereotype of the french to surrender often. they keep asking me to take that position because noone else will, i’ll be french f-cked if that ever happens. she doesn’t like him but he wouldn’t leave her alone, […]

  • slice the pool

    a black person who makes a fairly large splash in a pool you can’t slice the pool!

  • yesterbae

    the yesterday bae the guy you had last night the guy you used to like that guy is so yesterbae another term for an ex you dated recently or in the near past. when you see your ex in public and you say to your friends, look that’s “yesterbae”!

  • potatocrastinating

    when you are hungry and need to cook a potato, but you would rather distract yourself with menial tasks before actually making food and providing for yourself. michael was potatocrastinating by messaging his friend at 2am on a monday.

  • stevie pooh

    the coolest dominican and puerto rican person in the world. you see that guy right there? he is a stevie pooh!

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