il2, a russian combat ground attack aircraft of world war 2. highly armoured and armed it was the scurge of the german tank crews on the eastern front. refered to as a flying tank because of its ability deflect cannon sh-lls and sustain m-ssive battle damage and still fly home. sometimes german cannon rounds simply bounced off it’s armour plate much to the disbelief of german aircrew.

also the definitive world war two air combat computer game simulation of the new millennium. all other try hard, shameful attempts to make a decent flight sim pale by comparison. make coasters out of your other feeble kiddy flying games. going back to them after il2 will leave you needing a bucket to keep the chunder off the floor from the miserable excuse for entertainment and flight fidelity they pretend to give. totally fubar why any other miserable being would attempt to emulate the mastery of world war two air combat computer game simulation design that maddox games has demonstated with il2 and it’s stable mates!
man il2 rox!

sh-t that il2 wont die!

what tha! oh cr-p it’s an il2!

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