ilima is a unis-x name, used as a boy name and a girl name (usually girls though).
the name ilima is of hawaiian origin and is used mostly in hawaiian speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world.

the meaning of the name “ilima” is “flower”.

this refers to the flower of the o’ahu plant, which is related to the hibiscus. the blossoms are small and golden and woven into garlands, or “leis”.

how to pr-nounce it? ihl-lee-ma

people named ilima, are often kindhearted people who have patience; especially with people learning their name. they are imaginative and often renaissance people. they also love learning about people and culture and have an understanding nature. their beauty is unique, and not everyone can see and appreciate it.

however, ilimas are not good at expressing what they truly feel sometimes. they are unexpectedly shy but will hide it with a fierce sh-ll. don’t expect them to make the first move! they are stubborn and have temper issues as well. if they are worried about something, (which is often) they will not make any moves at all, for fear of messing up. they need motivation and genuine support.
“hey do you know that girl ilima?”

“oh yeah, the weird one!”

“yeah, that one.”

“isn’t she trying to act nowadays?”

“really? i heard she’s traveling to singapore??”

“i also heard she’s trying to write the script for the remake of the goonies!”

“man, that girl is all over the place…”


“who’s your favourite pokemon sun and moon character?”

“easy!! the trainer ilima!”

“ahh yes, the handsome dreamboat.”

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