da bomb diggity
that sh-t was illiosplinific

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  • cheeehuuu

    a saying commonly used in hawaii, meant to exclaim surprise or excitement from an event or upon agreeing with a peers comment, usually standing alone or after a sentence. both the e’s and u’s can be elongated to the speakers liking. f: lets go hit up that kailua party! l: fo sho braddah, cheeehuuuu!

  • cheenus

    a combination of the word cheeto, and the word p-n-s. also known as cheese p-n-s. my grandmother said not to play with my cheenus anymore. pimp or player. look at that cheenu. a chinese weenus or p-n-s “did you see that guys cheenus?” a gangsta 50 cent is the new age cheenu

  • ipod date

    the act of two people sharing what is on their ipod. me and julie ipod dated last night. i decided not to stay with her when i found out she had some miley cyrus on her ipod.

  • irc guy

    someone who is quick to call another, sl-t, or stupid, but in return are all of the above, love to screw underagers. “i’m teh_man i f-ck-d 6 15 year olds ^5!” 2 1337 4 u!!!!! im @ l337 h@ck3r. d0n7 mess wi7h irc.

  • ayshia

    energetic, fun girl who is up for anything. great, reliable friend. hey, check out that crazy-awesome chick. she’s so ayshia. the best girl in the world..! ayshia is the best.

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