chingy,that cr-ppy lil pop rapper who can’t spell!
right thurr(“there” you stupid motherf-cker)!

holidae inn(it’s holiday inn genius)!
a cl-ss of a large, and growing, number of people, particularly children, who are unable to read or write.
illiteracy is beginning to take over the united states of america. after seeing all those hooked on phonics advertis-m-nts, i have concluded that our country is becoming more and more filled with illiterate brats who deserve a good slapping upside the head.
apparently, illiteracy is so common that there is evidence of illiteracy in china (the world’s #2 superpower). illiterate children is said to be the result of lazy, irresponsible parents, therefore resulting in much lack of education. it’s times like this that, although education sucks (because of schools and how boring they are and having to put up with punk–ss b-tches with cruel att-tudes), it is very necessary.

if you had a kid who couldn’t read a word, wouldn’t you like to slap him upside the head too?
“i don’t blame chinese illiterates; those symbols are hard to read. lol ”
(adjective) to not be able to read or write in a specific language. used loosely, it can describe someone who is just an incredibly sloppy speller.
about 75% of the definitions on are made by people who are illiterate
people who cannot read or write
90% of people on internet are illiterate
a moron with the approximate education of a fly at best.
illiterate guy no. 1: hay hw is evre1?
me: pardon?
illiterate guy no. 1: uh wtf dus tat meen?
me: sorry, i do not understand.
illiterate guy no. 1: wtf dus tat tinn meen!!??????!11111111one///
me: nevermind.
a person who is unable to read or write. basically, an unintelligent person who has the approximate education of a second grade english student, if not worse.
this is how a literate person would write what you just tried to write.
in some circles, used as a synonym for incompotent in any way, regardless of any reading ability. for example, it could be used to describe a bad driver, someone who sucks at videogames, or someone who fails a test.
omg, you illiterate n00b!

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