ancient indo-european people who lived in the region that closely corresponds to modern-day croatia, serbia, montenegro and bosnia-herzegovina. their language has clear connections to modern-say serbo-croatian. their culture and symbols are chiefly the same as modern-day croats, serbs, bosnians and montenegrins. when napoleon conquered what is today slovenia and croatia he renamed them the “illyrian provinces”. when croatia later attempted to break free from austria-hungary as an independent state, it was under the banner of “illyrian independence”.

despite this, some tards (such as wikipedia editors) and zog’s try to claim that the illyrians are represented today by turkish albanians.
intelligent person:the ”’illyrians” were an ancient indo-european people, whose descendants today are the croats and serbs.

mindless troll:your an idiot. i saw on wikipedia that them albanians are the illyrians.

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