i love me too – ilmt
“i love you”
“aw, ilmt”

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  • khaja

    a type of college student, particularly engineering, who never comes to cl-ss. “yeah, i’m going to be a khaja today.” “hey, do you havr the notes from dynamics?” “no, i decided to pull a khaja last cl-ss.”

  • jennealia

    she is a very beautiful, fun loving person who will brighten your day. she likes pink and purple and is very girly. she likes milk and fruits. she’s know for being there for you and for helping out with whatever it is you have to do. she likes going out dressing up and having a […]

  • incasity

    a scenario where the most feared situation occurs. because whatever that has the tendency to go wrong will eventually go wrong. used as emphasis in western africa ex1. let’s reserve the funds for incasity. ex2. yea, incase hr arrives, just sneak out

  • *rg*smic *rg*sm

    when you have an -rg-sm that is so -rg-smic i p-ssed in her -ss for 30 minutes then had an -rg-smic -rg-sm. my d-ck hurts

  • dahria

    a fat sh-t. i did a dahria on the toilet.

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