a hot latvian girl with a s-xy accent
iluta (s-xy latvian accent): h-llo
me: ::j-zz::

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  • IME

    internet contraction for in my experience; used to explain a statement that is based upon the life of, or the experiences of the speaker. more forceful than ymmv. noob:”so are the rules broken in this example of play?” covertwalrus:”ime the rules work fine even if they slow down the game a bit. but ymmv, some […]

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    any african, jamaican, haitian, egyptian, etc., that’s the same complexion of an african-american (black person), especially in the united states. it’s really a derogatory term from somebody that’s ignorant or nosey. man: you still f-ckin’ with that import n-gg-, ain’t you? woman: it’s none of of your business if i am.


    i’m p-ssing myself at that! funnier than lmao (laughing my -ss off), i’m p-ssing myself at that – impsat

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    your so good at giving bl-w j-bs that you make your man’s toe curl. shawnna uses it in her song i was gettin some”i was gettin some head gettin gettin some i’m the kinda girl to make your toes curl.”

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