im juss. its me. im juss amd im s-xy
im juss. hey who dat, im juss. ” im juss ”
who is juss” its me. im.juss

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  • ridabook

    ridabook is usually a girl name who needs to rida a f–king book (it can also be a nickname for rida ) “do u wanna go and ridabook?”

  • pomtrix

    when you’re feeling alienated. i didn’t get picked for any of the teams, i feel like the pomtrix of the group.

  • wikitikt

    when you think you’re going crazy but you’re just going mentally r-t-rded man i’m really wikitikt right now

  • kaqwan

    a sweet ornery little boy who eats everything omg there’s no more chips? i know you pulled a kaqwan!

  • discommunication

    discommunication: when failed attempts to communicate result in no message getting across and constantly being dissed, p-ssed, and dismissed! i’m so sick of all the discommunication in my communications department, nothing ever gets resolved and people are so disrespectful – tired of being p-ssed.

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